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20 May 2021 in Diervriendelijke tuininrichting

Door Paula kok

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Woodlouse talking: 

By nature I am shy and nervous but I don't want to pass up this opportunity to say something about myself so hi, here I am!

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I'm small; never bigger than 2 cm. I have 7 pairs of legs and 14 feet. Luckily I don't wear socks, otherwise my Mum would keep knitting!

My dear mother. I was born alive from her belly. I was safe there in my own egg until it was my time. After that she carried me in her pouch for weeks. There, I was allowed to eat her poop by myself for the first weeks.

I got to stay with her until I was a big woodlouse. 😊

fleetscoop, woodlouse, garden, learn

I'm not an insect. I'm related to crab, lobster and shrimp! Really! 

There are 2000 species of mine but most live in the water. Living on land with gills is a challenge! I'm worried that I’ll dehydrate because within 2 hours I'll be dead. That's why we wake at night and I hide in a cool, humid and dark spot during the day to sleep. look outside. Lift something up. I bet you found us like this. 

fleetscoop, woodlouse, garden, learn

I'm really important to your garden. I'm a cleaner by profession. My life's work is helping digest things. Think of leaves or rotting wood. Yum! Can I stay for dinner?

When I'm done, then the next one is ready to digest it further - the worms. I'm actually a walking soil improver!

Many like to eat me; lizard, mouse, spiders. Even if nobody eats me, I usually only turn 2 years old.

I don’t like neatly clean up gardens because I can't find food there! If you think you can chase me away like this you're wrong. I should live in your garden. So if I can't find delicious food then I'll start eating plants. I don't like those at all, but I have to do something!

fleetscoop, woodlouse, garden, learn

If I can make one wish, it would be for a little more mess in your garden. A mountain of rocks in the corner. A stack of wood that may perish. Not all lost leaves in the compost-bin please! I also want to be a good mother to my children. So you a little less and I'll clean up a little more. Shall we be friends? Then together we make the world a little bit better ′′

Signed  Woodlouse

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